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Welcome to

Who are we?

Well, just until a couple of months ago, we were a San Franciscan private platform, partying with thousands of people on a ship for New Years Eve 2020, but now because of PANDEMIC things have changed so we want TO HELP PEOPLE anywhere in the globe! 

Countdown to Launch

We are excited to introduce an application that would connect and help millions of people

We love to contribute to people's lives. Our mission is happiness!

We used to host and promote parties and by doing so help people come together and become happier
Here are some footage of our parties:

But Covid-19 Pandemic in the early March 2020 changed everything


Record High Jobless

Record high 38.6 million people unemployed in the United States.


Social Distancing

91% of American are uncomfortable to attend a crowded place.


Long Lines Every Where

Long lines and inconvenience doing errands.


Stores Closing

Small businesses are closing because they don’t have money.

We think we have a solution

For more than two month our teams of bright people and professors in well known universities worked together to come up with a solution.

Introducing Boonoob: a Platform for Good Citizens

  1. GOOD FOR PEOPLE - We are connecting people so you can get the help you need.  To donate to feel good, volunteer to have impact, and work so they can make money. 
  2. GOOD FOR PLANET- Through these daily activities people will contribute to a better planet. Additionally we are giving out 10% of the company to 10 charities in different sections to help human lives.
  3. GOOD FOR PRICE - Our platform will be free to use and will be charging the least fees possible to give people more money and oppurtunities.

Join Us!

Tell your friends and subscribe so we invite you as soon as we launch the new platform.