The Social Web for Social Good

Boonoob is a social web platform that connects people to meaningful activities that foster friendships. It simultaneously helps some people monetize their talents. Our goal is health, happiness, and genuine human connections helping individuals to flourish doing the things that they love. We think big and outside the box, aiming to connect and happify 1 billion people by 2030.


Boonoob is consisted of two words “boon” and “noob”. Boon means benefit, and noob means newbie.


Genuine human connections matter, but the number of followers on your social media account doesn’t. Based on the science of happiness, the quality of your friendships determines how happy you will be, for example, the friends that you can lean on in the times of hardship. That’s what Boonoob intends to do: increase the number of your besties.


We are not a social media platform. No! We are a new type of platform. We don’t want you to scroll indefinitely to watch more photos or videos. Our goal is to enable you to become more active, to engage more in actual life experiences, improve your mental and physical health, find meaning in what you do, and even create income.

Privacy & No intrusive advertisements

Our innovative business model allows us to not touch your data, don’t track you, increase your privacy, and don’t show you intrusive ads. We make money by making you more active. The happier you become, the more money we make. We call it the “Happiness Business Model”

Social Good

Boonoob directly and indirectly contributes to an individual’s and society’s happiness. It enables people to get involved in volunteering and donation activities that they find joy in. We also give 10% of our profit to fuel projects that are aligned to 17 Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations including zero hunger, clean water, and climate action.

Planet Earth

We want to revitalize planet earth by activating and mobilizing individuals and groups to take green actions, including planting trees, and recycling. Our goal is to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.

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