LIMITED OPPOURTUNITY! Become a shareholder!

Boonoob is a social web enabling people to come together. We are aiming to connect people to meaningful daily activities to spread happiness, meeting needs, and helping each other!


We are DOERS not users

By utilizing Doers as an action, you connect and create Relationships on local and global level. You Engage with people and do something with Meaning, giving it a purpose. Together, we Accomplish something amazing and feel the Positive shift within.

We bring people together

Boonoob unites one another by accomplishing daily needs and attending social mixtures. Together, we promote happiness to REMAP the social environment we live in.

Invest in happiness

We are creating a platform to bring happiness to people around the world by helping them become more active, healthier, and to help each other. Years ago only a handful of people where able to invest in startups but today you can own a part of Boonoob. You can become a shareholder and support the happiness movement. Join us so together, we can create the first socially funded social network.

Are you hosting a virtual gathering?

Our fully customizable and visionary platform will enable your event to have an unlimited
number of attendees, with the fraction of the cost of other providers. At Boonoob, we host
a variety of events. You imagine it, we host it.

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