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About us

Our vision & mission

Boonoob is a social platform to connect people for daily life activities to do more, help each other, and spread happiness!

Our vision is to help connect 1 Billion people all across the globe by 2030 by creating value addition in their daily life activities in the most sustainable and unique ways with our core values (7Ps) Good people, Good planet, Good products, Good parties, Good places, Good privacy, Good prices. In addition, we also strive to donate 10% to charities and non-profits. That's why we call it "The Social Web for Social Good."

Our values

Positive emotions


We believe in creating loyal customers by providing a superior experience at a great value. We are committed to direct relationships, providing the best products and services based on standards-based technology, and outperforming the competition with value and superior customer experience.

The Boonoob Team

We believe our continued success lies in team-work and the opportunity each team member has to learn, develop, and grow. We are committed to being a meritocracy, and to developing, retaining, and attracting the best people, reflective of our worldwide marketplace.

Direct Relationships

We believe in being direct in all we do. We are committed to behaving ethically; responding to customer needs in a timely and reasonable manner; fostering open communications and building effective relationships with customers, part-timers, suppliers, and each other; and operating without inefficient hierarchy and bureaucracy.

Global Citizenship

We believe in participating responsibly in the global marketplace. We are committed to understanding and respecting the laws, values, and cultures wherever we do business; profitably growing in all markets; promoting a healthy business climate globally; and contributing positively in every community we call home, both personally and organizationally.


We have a passion for winning in everything we do. We are committed to operational excellence, superior customer experience, leading in the global markets we serve, being known as a great company and great place to work, and providing superior shareholder value over time.

Hesam Jafari
Founder & CEO
Yves Songolo
Co-Founder, CTO & Product Lead
Mohammed Nadeem, PhD.
Marketing Advisor
Paul Hemingway

Marketing Director

Matthew Stone

Sales Director

Safa Badamchi

UI/UX Designer

Neil Parekh

Marketing & Sales

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