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Doers love to DO things. That means doing activities you can discover through connections that you make on the Boonoob app.

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At Boonoob, we believe that activities are better if they are made and shared with friends. Whether that be a private group, where every one of your friends can participate in an activity, or public activities where you can go out and meet new friends who have interests like yours.

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Boonoob is social. When a Doer joins an activity on the app, they have tools at their fingertips that give them the power to connect with other Doers who also participate in the activity. Doers can post pictures and videos about the activity, chat with organizers and other Doers, post emojis, likes, and comments, and share with friends.

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At Boonoob, we believe genuine, real connections are important for happiness and well being. What better way to connect with other Doers than through social activities?

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